Everything you need to know about repatriation services in Australia

Death Overseas

Every year over 1,000 Australians pass on in an overseas country, often caused by an illness or accident. When this occurs there can be a great deal of stress and pressure put on the family when making arrangements after the death.

Depending on the location of the deceased loved one, there may be legal requirements that must be met prior to bringing them home. The first event in any case is to notify the nearest Australian embassy, high commission or consulate as soon as possible.

From here, it is the role of funeral directors both in the country of death and country of origin to facilitate the international repatriation. Often arranging these funeral directors can be a daunting task - particularly in countries that don't speak native English. To assist with this common problem, we can connect you with appropriate funeral directors that specialise in international repatriation.

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